Pseudo Garden Exhibit Opening // Featuring Artists Alex Frank, Brent Lashley + Dick Waller

Pseudo Garden Exhibit Opening

Friday, June 1 at 6 PM – 9 PM

Dick Waller’s ArtPlace, 130 West Court St. Downtown Cincinnati


Join us at Dick Waller’s ArtPlace Friday, June 1st for the Opening of ‘Pseudo Garden’, a collaborative exhibition bringing together the work of Alex Frank, Brent Lashley and Dick Waller.

‘Pseudo Garden’ is an arrangement of paintings, sculptures and different approaches to color and method that will combine into a “garden” that will grow in the gallery over time.

The act of seeing is an aesthetic dilemma. Physically seeing establishes ourselves in the surrounding world and gives us an understanding of our place, and yet, our creative selves see how things could be and not as they are. There is an
unavoidable interplay between the natural and the arranged. Through keen thought, beauty can be honed. Like a garden, we arrange our world with its potentials in mind. From words, poetry, color, painting – and so on. In turn, to make and view art is to root oneself in that conundrum. ‘Pseudo Garden’ engages that idea.

Limited Free parking available next door

Enjoy light bites + refreshments.


Featured Emerging Artists

Alex Frank
Alex Frank is an accomplished and talented Cincinnati-based oil painter and muralist. A 2009 graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Alex has been involved with the Arts in the downtown area for over a decade, with a focus in Over the Rhine. As a self-employed muralist, Alex has instilled his aesthetic in numerous opening businesses including Liberty’s Bar & Bottle, helping to build unique experiences for those visiting the city of Cincinnati and local patrons alike. As a studio artist, Alex has exhibited in many galleries across the country. Working primarily with oil paints, mostly in a Rubenesque figurative realism; he deals with a modernization of classical ideas; through the use of subtle metaphor and allegory he bridges the gap of old world tradition and new age themes.

Brent Lashley
Brent Lashley is a talented and driven artist living in Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati in the school of DAAP in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Primarily working in acrylic paint as well as incorporating sculptural elements is his work. As a studio artist, Brent has exhibited work in many galleries and local venues as well as having his work published in the book, Drawing Space, Form and Time (Wayne Enstice, Melody Peters). The content of his work includes subliminal messages, horror, political issues, everyday life, pop culture, commercialism, and iconic images. His goal is to bring awareness and evoke feeling by using ranges of styles, colors, organic, realism, abstraction, fantasy and conceptual ideas. Brent continues to challenge himself to create new and exciting works of art.

Dick Waller
Dick Waller started painting in 1974, originally as a release from the strict regimen of performing as principal clarinetist of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. As his passion for the art grew, he developed a style he calls free association painting. All of his pieces bear the title “Contrasts,” inspired by the wonderful Bartok trio for clarinet, violin and piano. It both describes his contrasting styles of painting as well as the contrast of colors he uses. In a way, the Contrast numbers should be considered opus numbers; most works of composers are untitled symphonies or sonatas with an opus number, which gives the listener the freedom to interpret the music with his or her own ear. Similarly, by leaving the paintings without a title, it is his desire that the viewer has the freedom to interpret each piece in their own way.