Opening Show: Continental Divide- Standing on the Edge in Over-the-Rhine

Dick Waller’s Art Place proudly announces the opening of our new show, read below for more details. See you there!



Two local artists explore historic architecture in Cincinnati in a changing urban landscape


The center city and surrounding neighborhoods in Cincinnati are experiencing a period of rapid change that is resulting in the loss of historic structures, and thus a loss of culture. Recent events in our community have highlighted the tension between city policy and appointees, preservationists, and some for-profit developers. Dick Waller’s Art Place will organize an art exhibition featuring the works of Joe Girandola and Jeremy Schulz to explore these issues. Both artists will represent and explore four historic buildings using different media.

This show is designed to inspire action and positive change for Greater Cincinnati. The instillation will raise awareness and draw attention to demolition and neglect of historic buildings occurring in Cincinnati.

“Jeremy Schulz and I conceived of an exhibition of work that would focus on buildings that appear in danger of being lost in the fabric of change in Cincinnati. Identifying locations on Race Street, Pleasant Street and Wade Street, we represent these sites with our own vision of memory and style to create a new landscape of historical preservation.” – Joe Girandola

 “We seek to highlight the unique collection of 19th and 20th century historic buildings and build broad public understanding that our architecture is a major differentiating asset for our region. We plan to build understanding so that residents feel agency to impact leadership and policy choices of the future.” – Jeremy Schulz

 Dick Waller’s Art Place, the site of the show, is an essential component in the conversation. The beautiful gallery is in a historic structure on Court Street, part of a row of 19th century buildings that have been partially lost to a parking lot and neglect.

Court Street remains largely intact with historic structures and this location represents a new opportunity for highlighting our architectural and urban history. The gallery will serve as a venue offered for community discussion and explore this issue by hosting the show to unify efforts in the historic preservation and promote architectural rehabilitation.

“Court Street is becoming a vibrant and historic addition to Cincinnati and we’re concerned that the culture is preserved here along with the buildings. I am excited to present this show, and encourage community conversations that will flow from the artwork, in order to build public awareness and more advocates for our historic assets,” explained Dick Waller, the owner of the gallery.

 The grand opening is Final Friday, July 29th from 6 to 9 p.m. in the gallery at 130 W Court Street.

Following the opening, Dick Waller’s Art Place will be open Thursday and Saturday from 4 to 7 p.m. or by appointment by calling 513-281-7726.


Girandola 210

(Image provided by Joe Girandola)

JS wip

(Image provided by Jeremy Schulz)

IMAGE Johnies goes down

(Image provided by Joe Girandola)