It’s Been Six Years: What’s NEXT?

Six years ago this week, we opened Dick Waller’s Art Place on historic West Court Street. It’s been a magical time of community and art coming together.   

With the partnership of so many friends (too many to name) including wonderful gallery directors and business neighbors, and my Cincinnati-based daughters Margy and Suzanne, we created a special place for having fun, hearing music, making and enjoying art, and creating community. 

We hosted yoga, celebrations, community board meetings, photo shoots, discussions about gentrification and so much more. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed visiting with my friends there and making new ones too. 

Now, I’m thrilled to announce that the story will continue with the leadership of artist Paul Kroner, who we hosted in the gallery with our last show and opening party, just before the pandemic forced our closing in March. In his new gallery, Paul intends to continue the tradition of creating space for friends, community, and art — which pleases me greatly. 

With gratitude for your friendship and community, and the hope that we will see each other soon, thank you for everything! 

I’m a lucky man!

Dick Waller

Photo: Opening the gallery on 11.09.2014
Credit: Mikki Schaffner
 A few words from Paul Kroner:

“I was honored to be the last show at Dick’s wonderful ArtPlace and I’m thrilled to be moving into the space to use as both my studio and continuing Dick’s tradition of creating space for friends, community, and art! I’m grateful to Dick, and his family, and gallery directors for all of their support! What a year 2020 has been!”

Paul invites you to see more about his artwork and gallery on his websiteFacebook page, and Instagram account. And you can sign up for his email list too. 

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